Saturday, July 21, 2018

How to Know If You Need Emergency Dental Care

It can be quite difficult to make a decision when you suspect that you have got one of your teeth knocked out. Similarly, you may get confused regarding what to do when you feel sudden and severe kind of pain in the tooth. There are going to be two options, i.e. going to the dentist or going for the dental emergency. You will need to weigh the symptoms in order to make right decision quickly.

In this post, we are going to discuss when it is the right time to go for the dentist or emergency dental care.

Tooth damage

Although our teeth are very strong, they are not invincible. They can break, and this breakage can lead to pain and other illnesses due to infections which tend to happen after a pathway is opened due to breakage. In this scenario, it is ideal to see the dentist and work on the tooth restoration in order to avoid pain and infections.

Here, it would be worth mentioning how the teeth can get damaged. Commonly, the teeth get damaged when you bite on hard things. The damage can also occur while playing sports. The ball can hit the face and cause damage to the teeth. Falling down can also result in the damage.

In case your tooth is cracked, you can consult your dentist and ask for the dental appointment because you may be able to spend a day or two in this situation without any treatment. You will just have to make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on the tooth. In case the tooth is knocked out, you will need to acquire dental emergency care.

Pain in the mouth

Severe pain in the mouth requires emergency treatment as soon as you start feeling this pain. Remember, pain is just a symptom which represents an infection which causes infection. Intense pain in the tooth can be due to the tooth abscess or other type of infection in the tooth root. When you feel the pain, you can rinse your mouth with salt water and use ibuprofen in order to get relief from the pain. If the pain in not reducing, you need to call emergency services.

Bleeding in the teeth is mainly referred to as the periodontal problem because infected gums are more prone to bleed. However, there can be other reasons for this bleeding too. For instance, you may see your gums bleeding due to harsh brushing of your teeth. If it is the latter case, you need to reconsider your brushing technique. And if is the former case, you will need to go for emergency dental services.

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